PlayStation VR 2 Features Revealed, Horizon Call of the Mountain Announced

In a surprise announcement, PlayStation‘s Senior Vice President of Platform Experience Hideaki Nishino unveiled the name and the feature set of Sony‘s latest virtual reality headset. So, we now know the main PlayStation VR 2 features that are going to be what sets the new headset apart from its predecessor.

Sony made the smart decision in officially naming it the PlayStation VR 2 and also, the controller continues the same naming convention as the PlayStation 5, as its also named the PlayStation VR 2 Sense Controller.

Perhaps of greater interest to readers is the actual improvements that we’ll see from the PSVR 2, of which Sony is promising a drastic upgrade in every imaginable way from the original PSVR.

“This is a true next-gen experience with high-fidelity visuals, new sensory features, and enhanced tracking – along with a simplified single-cord setup.”

Sony went on to further explain in greater detail what this quote actually meant by defining each of those main pillars.

4K HDR, an Internal Camera, Eye-Tracking, and Sensory Enhancements Are Big PlayStation VR 2 Features

PlayStation VR 2 Features

The PSVR 2 will have an OLED display that has 4K HDR, 110-degree field of view with 2000 x 2400 display resolution per eye at a framerate of 90 to 120 Hz. This is quite impressive and being able to deliver an equal visual quality to what you can already get just playing regular PS5 games is certainly a most welcome improvement.

Unlike the first PSVR which required the use of the PS Eye Camera, PSVR 2 tracks your field of view with cameras that are embedded in the headset itself. So you’ll now have a greater sense of control over your movements because it will all be in the headset you are already wearing, instead of having to make sure you are in view of an external camera. This also includes an eye-tracking system that promises lifelike movements and a higher grade of emotional response.

This goes even further in how the PSVR 2 will be an overall better sensory experience as well. Using the movement of the headset, the PSVR 2 controllers improved handling over the old wand controllers, 3D Audio, and headset feedback. These four things in combination promise to deliver sensory feelings such as a character’s pulse, the closeness of flying objects, and even vehicular thrust.

Not to mention, the PSVR 2 controllers will have their own haptic feedback and adaptive triggers like the PS5 Dualsense controllers. Of course, just as important is a simplified setup, and Sony promises that the PSVR 2 is only going to require one USB-C cord to rule them all.

What About the Games? Oh Yeah, There’s Horizon Call of the Mountain

PlayStation VR 2 Features

In closing, Mr. Nishino also announced that Guerilla Games and Firespite have been working on a virtual reality experience built from the ground up for PSVR 2. The trailer does feature about 15 seconds of cinematic footage at the end as well.

Well, after that news drop I’m certainly a lot more intrigued and excited for the PlayStation VR 2 than I was previously. Especially with the news that there’s a Horizon game being made for it too. Hopefully, this means Sony and its first-party studios will be supporting the peripheral more consistently this go around.