PCMag Breaks Down the Most Popular Anime Series by State

Anime is a growing culture here in America and PCMag has taken a look at which anime series are the most popular in all 50 states! The results were determined by an anime’s search value through CenturyLinkQuote.

One Piece was the big winner as being the most-searched series in 25 states. Behind that, Pokemon was searched in 8 stages followed by Death Note, and then Sailor Moon. Other honorable mentions go to Attack on Titan, Naruto, and My Hero Academia. Oddly enough, Demon Slayer is missing entirely; however, Hawaii sure loves Jujutsu Kaisen!

You can check out their full map below:

You can check out the full article on PCMag at the following link: Naruto or One Piece? These Are the Most Popular Anime Series by State | PCMag

Source: Press Release