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Nintendo Not Happy With Fan-Made Pokemon FPS Title

One of the beautiful things about the Pokemon franchise as a whole is the fact that it’s so versatile. It may have started out as a pure turn-based RPG, but it eventually became things like a photography game, a Tetris-style title, it was a dungeon crawler at times, and even got people to care about Magikarp! So there possibilities were endless. Which is why someone decided to make a Pokemon FPS. Yes, for real.

On Twitter, a user named Dragon came out and revealed a Pokemon FPS that he made in Unreal Engine and it is exactly what you think it is. A game about shooting Pokemon with a gun. It spread across the internet for some time and then Nintendo decided to take it down. Even Dragon’s original tweet was hit with a copyright infringement tag.

It’s not surprising that Nintendo is trying to take it down. First off, the designer is using Pokemon models in ways not approved by the company, and the content is…not appropriate. At all. And we doubt they’ll allow this game to get released either.