Manga Review: Fly Me to the Moon Vol. 9

 Fly Me to the MoonTitle: Fly Me to the Moon Vol. 9
Author: Kenjiro Hata
Publisher: Viz Media
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Genre: Slice of Life, Romance, Comedy
Publication Date: January 11, 2022

The Story

Fly Me to the Moon Vol. 9 turns the steamy factor up to 11… again… Instead of hot springs, this time Tsukasa and Nasa end up taking a bath together and then head over to a 200° sauna! However, that was a bit later in the volume. In the beginning, we finally learned who that mysterious girl was from the previous volume. Her name is Kyuma and she’s a classmate of Kaname’s. She’s also a blithering idiot but more on that later.

To turn the cuteness factor up, Nasa begins reading Shojo manga in an effort to learn how to say romantic things to Tsukasa as he believes that it’s his job as a husband to pamper his wife verbally. When Tsukasa learns why he had gotten so into manga, she forces him to spit out everything that he has learned. A lot of the phrases are common, run-of-the-mill, and downright cheesy, but Tsukasa loves them all the same!

Towards the end of the volume, Nasa ends up coming down with a cold. I thought this chapter seemed familiar as they did an episode of the anime where Nasa got sick. Kind of funny to see that they jumped this far ahead in the manga just to animate one episode. It was pretty far removed from all of the other content the anime adapted, but it still fit in terms of the context of what they were showing at the time.


The biggest focus here, in terms of characters, was Kyuma. It’s a shame that she showed up at the beginning of the volume and then disappeared. Kaname wanted to know why she wasn’t at school and the answer was that she forgot that she had to go because people were talking about summer break. She then wanted Kaname’s advice but wouldn’t say what she needed help with until she got ice cream. She is a complete and total “dip” (as Kaname put it) but a very entertaining dip nevertheless. I love blithering idiot characters which is why I wanted to see more of her. Oh well, maybe in due time.

Outside of that, there really wasn’t much in the way of development. Tsukasa and Nasa just continued being cute as anyone would expect.

Final Thoughts

Now that I’ve seen the “Nasa has a cold” chapter, I truly believe everything from the anime has been covered so it SHOULD be 100% all-new material from here on out… until the second season airs. Again, Kyuma was a highlight of the book and I wished we got to see more of her. Kaname was up to her hijinks again in her typical forward, tomboy self. I swear, she cares too much about getting Nasa to boink Tsukasa!

Outside of that, it’s just standard fare from the series. Seeing them go to a festival was also cute as we got to see Tsukasa in a yukata… and when Nasa was giving her compliments, we saw Tsukasa depicted as a catgirl which I’m sure will be all over the internet in fan art form in 3… 2…

Since these don’t really end on cliffhangers, I’ll just say that I’m looking forward to more cuteness in the next installment.

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