Have A Nice Death Earl Access

Have A Nice Death Enters Steam Early Access In March 2022

Have A Nice Death, an upcoming 2D action rogue-lite title that has players assuming the role of Death, has a release date of sorts. As of March 8th, 2022, the title will be playable via Steam’s Early Access, priced at $14.99. It won’t be much longer until we truly find out what having a nice death is all about. The release date for the full game will take place one year after the early access debut.

What is Have A Nice Death all about?

You see, when it comes to death, the Grim Reaper is the end-all, be-all. As such, he’s the founder and CEO of Death Incorporated. For him, life is good – or at least it used to be. It seems that some of his executives have run amok on Earth. Breaking the rules set in place and have started amassing quite the number of souls. Leaving Death with more paperwork than he can handle. Tired of all the paperwork, he decides to head down to Earth, to teach his employees just exactly who’s in charge.

Have A Nice Death will feature quite the arsenal of weapons, as players will have access to over 30 different weapons and spells. There’s also a risk vs reward system, one that will allow players to become more powerful. But at the risk of being cursed, which could cause potential issues.

Have A Nice Death is currently being developed by Magic Design Studios’ and has been announced for the PC. So far, we haven’t heard of a console port as of yet. This will be the studio’s second title, the first being Unruly Heroes that released in 2019. 

Our Thoughts

While we haven’t had a chance to play Have A Nice Day, I have been following the game, and I like what I see. I’m digging the art style, and the combat system seems interesting. But damn, those boss battles look to be intense, and I’m all about that. Lastly, I do want to see just precisely how the curses play out. It reminds me other another game where becoming cursed can affect your playstyle. 

I love when indie devs come up with interesting titles, and this looks like another sure-fire hit. Count me in for checking out Have A Nice Death when it hits early access in March 2022.