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I Hope That Elden Ring Covenant Farming Doesn’t Suck

Recently I found myself attempting to get the platinum in all of Fromsoftware’s games on the PlayStation platform. Initially, I did not chase achievements but seeing how I already had done the deed with Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne. I figured I’d bang out the other platinum achievements for other titles. You know, before Elden Ring hits.

However, in doing so, I found myself in a precarious scenario. You see, a number of the achievements in these games require, at some point or another, something that is specific to belonging to a covenant. Whether it’s having turned in a number of covenant-specific items in order to receive a fantastic weapon or magic spell. While others require you to kill or help other players to farm covenant rep. At times it can be such a pain.

But what’s worse is trying to meet those requirements, with a lack of players. Sure, there are still lots of people playing the aforementioned games, but most of those players have either hit those achievements. Or They’re just playing just to slaughter innocent players or partake in fight clubs. Meaning, there’s a lack of people working on achievements. For those who have decided to get back on the achievement horse or just starting out, it’s going to be quite the long haul.

How hard can covenant farming be?

Let’s take a brief look at what I’m talking about, using Dark Souls 3 as an example. Not because it is a bad game, but because it’s the most recent title. It has a thriving online community, and it’s the most accessible in the series. Despite all that, you’d think racking up achievements would be easy. Except, it isn’t. 

Given that the game is five years old, released back in 2016, most people have already done everything they wanted to do with the game. Including myself. Except, most of my time wiht the game was on the PC version. It’s only recently that I wanted to get these achievements on the PlayStation 4/5. Yet, I’ve found it to be an exercise in frustration while trying to bang these out. 

Dark Souls 3 covenants

Take the Warrior of Sunlight covenant, for example. This covenant has two spells that can only be acquired by turning in 10/30 medals. To earn those medals, one has to partake in 30 successful boss encounters. Win, and the medal is yours and one more in your collection. Sounds easy enough, but it isn’t. You see, you need to be summoned to partake, and it’s up to the possible summoner to choose to pick you. Some people simply like the challenge of taking down a boss by themselves. While others tend to play games like Dark Souls offline because they don’t like being invaded. Or if there are too many people asking to be summoned, it would be left up to the luck of the draw. All of which makes it harder for anyone farming these medals.

Thankfully it isn’t all a bust, as you can still farm these medals and other covenant requirements. So you don’t need to do any online/co-op participation — but there is a catch. These covenant items have a damned small chance of dropping. We’re taking 1-2%! While you can boost this by stacking luck and items that increase the drop chance, it still takes quite a long time to complete.

Don’t get me started on farming the other covenants, which are all equally a pain in the ass. I’m looking at you, Mound Makers!

What I’d like to see in Elden Ring

If I’m being honest, I’d love for covenant items and requirements to not be part of achievements. Only because the older the game gets, the harder it becomes for anyone to farm for them. While a game gets older, the development doesn’t go back and make things easier. Instead, you’re left at the mercy of other players if the online servers don’t die. 

Elden Ring - Look at that view

Realistically, I’m hoping for the covenants in Elden Ring to be a more straightforward endeavor. Instead of forcing players to do things such as PVP, maybe make them more to do with the open world and finding items or persons of interest instead. Tie them to taking down bosses or finding all the items/spells in the game. Whatever Fromsoftware does, I hope they don’t force players into doing something they don’t want to. Or enjoy, for that matter, just for the sake of achievement hunting.

Sadly, I know I’m asking for too much, but one can hope! And as of now, we know that Elden Ring already has 42 achievements. Interestingly enough, that’s the one less than that of Dark Souls 3. I’d figured they’d be more.

Given that Elden Ring will have staying power for the next few years, it will be easier to get achievements. It just will depend on how dedicated players are to getting them finished. As for anything PVP or co-op-related, once the gates open I can see scores of players trying to slaughter one another. Or lending a helping hand, and that’s going to be great. Still, it would be nice if we weren’t forced to do so in the name of achievements.

Then again, I just could be a grumpy guy who decided to get one this achievement hunting way later than I should have. And now, I’m paying for it.

Elden Ring releases on February 25, 2022, for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.