Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Dying Light 2 Delayed On Switch

Dying Light 2 is one of many high-profile games that are coming out in the early parts of 2022. What some people might have been surprised by though is that it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch. Or at least, it will be, because the version that was supposed to come out in February has officially been delayed.

Here’s a snippet of the press release that made the announcement:

“Techland today announces that the Nintendo Switch version of Dying Light 2 Stay Human (Cloud Version), previously planned for release on February 4, 2022, has been moved to a later date. Techland aims to deliver the game to the Nintendo Switch family within six months from the original date. All other platform releases remain the same and are locked for February 4, 2022. “

While this may seem like an overtly bad thing, it honestly may not be in the minds of some. The Cloud games that have been put on Switch have been hit or miss, and early looks at upcoming ones like the Kingdom Hearts Saga don’t inspire confidence. So while this is a loss in some ways, it’s probably fine in others.