DXRacer Air Mesh Gaming Chair Review

As someone who has a titanium back, (or more accurately 2 titanium rods forcing my back to be straight) I have to be careful with how I sit and on the back support I use. This has led me to a number of different gaming chairs. The one I usually use is a Respawn 110 racing-style chair and it’s been my go-to chair ever since. However, I recently had a chance to check out the DXRacer Air Mesh style chair and I decided to give it a try.

A few days later the chair arrived in a very nice-looking box. At first, I was cautious and wondered if it was going to be too hard or too soft with the words air mesh as its material. But hey, challenge accepted and I dove into what laid in store for me. 

The box was a bit heavy but not bad to open and take everything out. They even included a snazzy custom device to screw in all the screws that came with the chair. There was no need for me to go hunting for any tools for the setup, which made things easier. The DXRacer Air Mesh style chair was straightforward from start to finish, though one of the images in the instructions was hard to see.

 With the setup out of the way, I then sat down and noticed that the chair was solid. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting at first, but I was surprised at how comfortable the chair felt.  The handles you use to move the chair up and down were relatively simple to use and worked as instructed. The handles could be a bit fidgety with moving fast and then slow, but overall they did the job.

Some chairs I have experienced prior don’t lock correctly unless you messed with the controls a lot. Luckily, with the DXRacer air mesh chair, it locked in place instantly once you have your settings done. It isn’t too hard to unlock afterward but it won’t unlock unless you are doing it intentionally. Honestly, it is weird how this is a thing most chairs I have experienced had with the locking system.

This chair has some very nice features as well. You can move the chair up and down, adjust the headrest, adjust the lumbar support, move the armrests, and of course move the angle of how you sit in the chair. This chair is actually very easy to learn and the functions are sensical in how it operates.

For those of you who like to have hardcore gaming sessions, make sure you have it recline at least a little bit. The lumbar support in this chair is a bar that can dig into the back if you are only straight up the whole time. You can easily sink in hours of gaming or computer work without noticing any digs though once you recline and sit down at an angle in the chair. I usually pushed it back about 10 to 20 degrees backwards to keep myself comfortable. 

The frame at the bottom is solid and is rather easy to put the wheels into the chair. Not necessarily the best in the carpet when you roll them since it picks up everything off the ground you may have. If you have a cleaner place than I do, you probably don’t need to worry as much but it can grab lint and small stuff off the carpet when rolling it around. Luckily it doesn’t take too much to get rid of stuff from the wheels as it rolls rather easily.

So far so good, however, there were some things that I didn’t particularly like. For instance, the pillow they provide for the headrest feels like staticity sometimes. At times I caught my hair gravitating towards the pillow. The chair is also a bit top-heavy and when I attempted to scoot the chair forward at times, it came dangerously close to just falling over. You have to be careful when you want to move or where you place your feet if you have a footrest.

Other than those two concerns, this is a very comfortable chair.


As I mentioned at first, I wasn’t sure what to expect but now that I’ve had some time with the chair, I was very happy with it. With that, this is now my main chair and I use it often. The DXRacer Air Mesh gaming chair is a product of great quality and is very sturdy. I highly recommend it to those who want a chair that will last. Maybe just get a wrap to put on the pillow if you like to keep your hair off of your stuff!

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Air Mesh is actually comfortable!


The DXRacer Air Mesh gaming chair is a product of great quality and is very sturdy. However, it does produce a bit of static electricity, which may lead to you getting shocked a fair bit.