Christina Aguilera Nintendo Switch Commercial

Christina Aguilera “Makes Memories” With Her Family In Nintendo Switch Commercial

Nintendo has done all sorts of commercials over the last few years to help promote their console the Nintendo Switch, but one of the runner things they’ve done is bring in doing that is bringing in celebrities. We’ve seen John Cena, Brie Larson, Serena Williams and more jump into the fray with the Switch, and today, it was Christina Aguilera’s turn.

In her commercial, she plays with her kids and other family members with games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Pokemon Legends Arceus, and of course, Among Us…where she was the Imposter. You can’t fool your son, Christina!

It’s cool to see Christina Aguilera having fun with her family with the Nintendo Switch, and you can see via the commercial below that it’s real joy.

In a recent interview with, Aguilera talked about playing Pokemon Legends Arceus with her daughter.

“[While shooting the campaign], my daughter was able to fall in love with a new game,” Aguilera said. “We had a brief moment to [try out] Pokemon Legends: Arceus, It’s so gorgeous, the graphics and the setting that you get to explore in, so she was loving that so much, she wouldn’t give me a turn. But that was on set and yeah, it’s just such a great way for your family to connect.”