Triangle Strategy, Benedict Pascal

Benedict Pascal Takes Center Stage For Third Triangle Strategy Character Trailer

Triangle Strategy is just over a month away, and with each new character trailer that we get, the plot, and choices, deepen. Before, we got the loyal best friend, and the betrothed, and now, we have the dutiful advisor to Serena Wolffort. His name is Benedict Pascal, and his mission is singular, protect House Wolffort at all costs. Which you would think is a straightforward thing, but this game is anything but straightforward in the paths you’ll take.

For example, while Benedict Pascal is there to guide you with his cold logic, that logic can make him an enemy if he feels you’re not doing the best for the house. And as the trailer shows, he’s willing to betray you should his own convictions be of “higher merit”. So be on guard.

We also get to see yet another choice that the player has to make. In this case, you need to take back a key city, but how you do it will determine how things proceed and how many look at you. What will you decide? Find out when Triangle Strategy arrives on March 4th on Nintendo Switch!