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Batgirl Movie Costume Revealed Via Star Leslie Grace

The Batgirl movie that is coming out will be one of a set of DC Comics movies coming exclusively to HBO Max (another of which is Black Canary, though Blue Beetle was upgraded to a theatrical release). Ever since DC Fandome when star Leslie Grace and the directors talked about the movie, fans have been hungry for more info. Well…now we got it.

Because Leslie Grace herself has posted a photo of her in the Batgirl movie outfit, and fans of the comics will know exactly what version of the costume it is:

Yep! They’re doing the version of the costume from the “Batgirl of Burnside” stories. Which is significant for various reasons. Not the least of which is that this costume was born out of necessity for Barbara Gordon as she had to recreate her Bat-image after a fire. But this led to her being more comfortable in her “new skin” if you will and becoming a Batgirl that not only defended the Burnside district of Gotham, but also, really resonated with fans. This version of the costume was used briefly in the DC Comics animated movie universe and the Harley Quinn animated series.

And so for this to be the one they use for the Batgirl movie is apporpriate as this is her “origin outfit” and it makes sense that she’d go for this style over something like Batman has in the DCEU.

There’s no release date for this movie as of yet, but if they’re showing this now, we might be getting it sooner rather than later.