Arcade1Up Grows Up With its New Pro Series Line

Arcade1Up has been known for its 3/4th scale arcade machines, all of which have been loved by arcade enthusiasts everywhere. Now, the company is evolving and has revealed the Arcade1Up Pro lineup, which are full-sized arcade (little over 5.5 feet) machines.  Seeya later, risers! These will also include a 19-inch screen, Suzohapp joysticks and buttons, wifi, improved speakers, and a light marquee!

Along with the news, Arcade1Up revealed that the first game to be released in this Pro lineup is Killer Instinct. Games included are Killer Instinct 1 and 2, and Battletoads from the NES and Super-NES, and the Battletoads arcade game. 

While an official price wasn’t announced, Arcade1Up’s CEO Scott Bachrach has mentioned during an interview with CNET that the new Pro machines will start at around $1000. That’s definitely a jump from the already offered Arcade1Up machines. Then again, with the larger screen, as well as better buttons and joysticks, I can see why the price has jumped.

I’m all for the upgrade cabinets, especially given that several arcade cabinet companies have gone out of business. I suppose Arcade1Up saw this and decided to capitalize on it. While I already owned one of the smaller Arcade1Up units, I really did want another. However, I didn’t enjoy the riser. With the Pro lineup, however, I’m looking forward to seeing what other games will make it into this new series. I also like the molded coin slot and door on the cabinet as well.

Currently, there isn’t any ETA on when we can expect to see the Killer Instinct Arcade Pro Series Edition go up for sale. However, I’ll be keeping my eye on this. I’d love to add this to my mancave – my little slice of gaming heaven.

Arcade1up_Killer_Instinct_Pro Series