Dark Souls: The Board Game

There’s Another Dark Souls Board Game In Production

Well, look at that! A brand new Dark Souls board game has been announced by Steamforged Games; Dark Souls: The Board Game.

This would be the second Dark Souls board game by the same company, in addition to the Dark Souls: The Card Game. While the company did release a trailer along with the news of a new board game, we don’t know a whole lot about this newly announced Dark Souls.

What we do know is that this board game will be different from the prior Dark Souls board game. Which was a co-op experience; one that I haven’t had a chance to partake in as no one in my household likes Dark Souls. So the game just sits idle on the shelf, hoping that one day it be noticed.

Outside of that, Steamforged Games has been tight-lipped about this new project. However, if you’re as curious as I am, then be sure to sign-up for updates over at the official website. Meanwhile, don’t you dare go hollow on us while we await more information.