The Maid of a Princess

The Maid of a Princess Light Novel Launches Kickstarter

The Maid of a Princess by Sage Guarino and artwork by Kapi Workshop is an action-packed Fantasy OELN novel that is sure to leave you wanting more and its official Kickstarter has launched!

The Maid of a Princess

According to the Kickstarter:

This novel contains multiple never seen before ranking and leveling systems!

Explore the world of Geatree with Visible Magic – A new take on the magic system in fantasy novels!

Various new creatures never seen in novels before!

In the land of Geatree, mythical creatures such as dragons, ogres, cyclops, and so on, are all beings of visible magic in its purest form, in the sense that they were all created by the goblins and the elves. The goblins are considered to be the strongest magic users in all of Geatree, next to the elves, who were eradicated centuries ago in the great war. The goblins managed to survive the great war by hiding in caves and underground. After the elves were defeated, they took it upon themselves to harness all of their spiritual energy by sacrificing the elves’ bodies to the king of all mythical beasts, The Great Dragon, Larx. Once harnessed, they immediately went into hiding and haven’t been seen since. Ever since that day, all of Zarias mythical beasts problems have tarnished, which ultimately left the adventurers guild useless. Adventurers from all over the kingdom were forced to resign and find other means of living… or so they thought.

The campaign lasts until January 19, 2022 @ 2 AM EST. Backer rewards range from an ebook version of the novel to a paperback version, exclusive wallpaper, a digital art gallery, all the way up to a custom artwork commission for you, and more!

To back the light novel project, head on over to the following link:

Source: Sage Guarino