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Spectator Mode Podcast Ep. 111 – Taking L’s and The Game Award Show Nominees

We’re back. Did you miss us? In this episode, we discuss many taking losses; from Grand Theft Auto: Definitive Edition, Activision is in even more hot water, and why we aren’t fans of the Netflix version of Cowboy Bebop. Then we focus on the 2021 Game Award Show nominees and why we don’t agree with most of them—topping it off with the Halo Infinite MP launch and why the season pass is so frustrating. 


00:00 – What did we play this past two  weeks
03:44 – Grand Theft Auto: The failure edition
12:30 – More Activision-Blizzard nonsense
22:15 – Why we aren’t fans of Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop
35:12 – Yep, these are The Game Award Show nominees
55:53 – Halo Infinite Multiplayer launch & Season Pass fiasco 

This episode was brought to you by the Letter L because you can’t take a loss without taking an L!

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