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Season 5 Of Cobra Kai Is Done Filming

Cobra Kai is easily one of the biggest series on Netflix right now. Ever since Netflix acquired it from YouTube Red (which is no longer around…), its been picking up more and more viewers. Especially after the launch of Season 3 on the 1st of this year. And now, we’re less than two weeks from the arrival of Season 4. But guess what? Cobra Kai Season 5 is already wrapped in terms of production!

Series co-creator Jon Hurwitz announced on Twitter that Cobra Kai Season 5 is “Fin”:

That says a lot in a multitude of ways. Not the least of which is that now Season 5 is done before Season 4 has even premiered! What’s more, if you recall, the showrunners have said that Season 5 might not be the end if they have their way, and if the Season 4 numbers are as big as Season 3, they might get their way very easily.

If you’re wondering why the quick production, it’s likely because of the age of the actors, especially the “teens” who are quickly growing up while their characters are only aging slightly. Either way though, Cobra Kai isn’t going to die anytime soon.