Pokemon Evolutions Episode 8

Pokemon Evolutions Episode 8 Ends Things With Mewtwo

Pokemon Evolutions has been a rather curious thing, as it’s gone generation by generation to tell stories of the past, with various levels of quality and newness. Today, Pokemon Evolutions Episode 8, the final episode in the line, came out and honestly told a new story while also basking in the glory of the region that started it all.

Because in this story, we get an all-new trainer who is determined to complete her Pokedex, and the last one to catch…is Mewtwo. But doing that won’t be easy with other trainers also trying to catch it.

The ending bit, which I won’t spoil, is easily the best part of the episode because it emphasizes that while the Pokemon games are about a single trainer you control, they (and by extension you) are part of a community that makes the Pokemon world so special. 

Watch Pokemon Evolutions Episode 8 below: