Manga Review: Queen’s Quality Vol. 13

Queen's QualityTitle: Queen’s Quality Vol. 13
Author: Kyousuke Motomi
Publisher: Viz Media
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 168
Genre: Sci-Fi, Romance
Publication Date: December 7, 2021

The Story

Volume 13 of Queen’s Quality shows the aftermath of Kyutaro’s battle with his snake. Trapped inside of his mind vault, the Seiryu Snake has nowhere to go. No matter how hard it tries, it cannot break the vault to escape. Kyutaro prepares a special room that resembles a library. It has a calming effect on it and the snake spouts its true wish… world peace?

Even the snake thinks it’s contradictory but that is his true wish. Through the pacifism of the library, he succumbs to his fate and Kyutaro eats the snake, thus freeing Aoi from his clutches. This has an adverse effect on his own snake, though as Kyutaro’s suddenly weakens. This is confirmed when the mastermind behind this whole event is revealed!

After the events, the organization the mastermind is a part of decides to make their move. Back home, Kyutaro is suffering because his snake is doing the same. A bloody mess, the snake is trying to remember something and sees a woman in his mind. The markings have covered Kyutaro’s entire body and it has become very sensitive to the touch. He tells Fumi to constantly touch him to invoke pain. The pain will then resonate with his snake and stop him from dying. Fumi is reluctant but follows his orders. After a while, the snake is brought back to consciousness and his death is averted.

Once Kyutaro heals from the encounter, it’s time for a bit of….cooking? Yep! They end up making yakiniku lettuce wraps but need to go out and get some ice. Ataru accompanies Kyutaro but on the way to the store, they are ambushed and that is where our volume comes to an end!


While the plot has advanced, character development was on the low side in this one. The one big development that we received is something that I don’t want to talk about since it is a major spoiler for this volume.

What development we are left with; however, is with Kyutaro’s snake. After being weakened by Kyutaro consuming the Sieryu Snake, he begins to lose himself in thoughts. He remembers a woman… perhaps a queen… and it nearly causes him to die. After he is revived by Kyutaro and Fumi, he asks him if his wish to remain himself is still the same. That’s an interesting question to ask after encountering someone within your thoughts. There’s definitely a stake here for the snake and it’s looking as if it’s a detrimental one should Kyutaro still want to keep his wish. We’ll see how this develops further in future volumes.

Speaking of Kyutaro… he and Fumi are getting a little more…. Extracurricular with their interactions. Hilariously enough though, every time they try to take their relationship to that coveted next level, they are always interrupted by someone! It was a nice running gag throughout the volume but it’s nice to see the two of them no longer being shy about their feelings for one another.

Overall Thoughts

Things are picking up once again and now that we know who is behind the Seiryu Snake incidence, we have our next main antagonist to deal with. With the way the volume concluded, we are going to be jumping right into the arc as early as the next chapter! You can definitely tell this group is very evil because a certain someone in that group likes putting ketchup on their lamb chops! Nobody of sane mind and body enjoys doing that so when you see someone asking for that tomato-based condiment, tread carefully around them! These are also the people who like more than salt and pepper on their steak!

I am really liking the relationship between Kyutaro and his snake. Although, I was a bit confused as I thought that he would get both snakes if he ate the other but it seems the Seiryu Snake was absorbed into the Genbu Snake. It is also interesting that by doing this, it makes the devouring snake weaker instead of stronger. I don’t think I’ve seen that kind of “power-up” plot point used a lot which is definitely interesting. This means that once we go up against our next threat, we are going to be relying more heavily on Fumi’s Queen power rather than Kyutaro’s.

Things are shaping up nicely! Not sure if this is the final arc of the manga as I know it has ended or is close to ending in Japan but it certainly feels as if we are getting close to that point!

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