Koe de Oshigoto

Manga Planet Licenses Azure Konno’s ”Koe de Oshigoto!” from WANIBOOKS

Manga Planet is pleased to announce the license acquisition of Azure Konno’s Koe de Oshigoto! from WANIBOOKS.

Growing up in their single-parent household, Kanna knows that her mom and big sister Yayoi always do their best to make sure she has the best life has to offer. So when said big sister asks Kanna to help out with work, she can’t help but say yes – but will Kanna ever be ready to lend her voice to the kind of video games Yayoi has been making?

Fans can read a free sample of Koe de Oshigoto! in the Manga Planet Library. Subscribers to the Library get to read the succeeding chapters in addition to other manga titles from WANIBOOKS Co., Ltd., Parsola Inc., highstone, Inc., Starts Publishing, Shodensha Publishing, Thirdline, SOZO Comics, Tokuma Shoten, Home-sha, Inc., LEED Publishing Co., Ltd., SAN-EI Corporation, SHONENGAHOSHA, I.T. Planning, Inc., and by mangaka Masaya Hokazono and Nakashima723.

Source: Press Release