Alan Wake 2 reveal The Game Awards 2021

Alan Wake 2 announced as a survival horror game, out in 2023

During The Game Awards 2021 show, Remedy Entertainment took the opportunity to announce Alan Wake 2. A brand new game that will continue the tale of the reluctant hero, but things are going to be much darker this time.

According to Remedy’s Sam Lake, yes, the guy that looks like Max Payne, this is Remedy’s take on the survival horror genre. So while the first game had a few scares, it was all about telling a story. With Alan Wake 2, the goal is to make everyone who plays it terrified. If you didn’t believe them, just watching the reveal trailer probably had a few people crapping themselves already. This is fantastic news for those who are fans of this genre. Not counting existing games, we can add this to several other upcoming titles, such as the Dead Space Remake and the Callisto Protocol.

However, don’t expect to see Alan Wake 2 anytime soon. With an announced release window of 2023, this game will be in development for a while. Even still, it’s nice to see that we’re getting a sequel after all these years. I suppose being connected to Remedy’s other supernatural title, Control, and getting a remaster, should have clued us in that Remedy had already set their goals for this follow-up.

Alan Wake 2 has been announced for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Epic Games Store).