Triangle Strategy

Triangle Strategy Releases First Character Trailer

Triangle Strategy (which as we’ve established before on the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast is just a TERRIBLE name for a game…should’ve been Scales Of Conviction) is coming out next year exclusively to the Nintendo Switch. It aims to follow the path that Octopath Traveler set in making a dramatic old-school RPG in terms of looks, but with new-age style and incredibly deep stories and characters.

To that end, Triangle Strategy has released the first of many character trailers. The first being on the protagonists friend and main playable character in Roland Glenbrook. As the Wiki for the game notes:

“Roland is the son of King Regna of the Glenbrook Kingdom, though not the firstborn heir. Roland and Serenoa share a close childhood friendship, and protect each other at any opportunity.”

See more from his trailer below and see where your story with him goes when the game launches on March 4th.