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Nintendo Switch OLED Model

Nintendo Won’t Change Focus To Nintendo Switch OLED Solely

A lot has been made of the Nintendo Switch OLED upon its release last month. But the biggest question of all is what are Nintendo’s true goals with it. Do they want this to be the Switch that YOU buy over the others?

Well, in the latest financial report, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa kaboshed that idea. Mainly because he noted that they’re going to keep making each version of the Switch as various gamers may have different needs for them.

Furukawa stated:

“We have no plans to focus our supply resources only on the OLED model. The three models each cater to different needs of customers. Sales of the original Switch as well as the Lite model remain firm even after the OLED model’s release.”

No word yet on how well the OLED is doing, but Nintendo seems confident.