Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation Code Fairy Guide: Lilith Boss Fights

In the first episode of Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation Code Fairy, you’ll come up against a specific Federation Mobile suit, piloted by an instance pilot called Lilith. This guide will cover both encounters of the boss’s fights against Lilith.

The first battle with Lilith.

You’ll first come across Lilith in the 3rd chapter called Trick or Treat Tactics. The trick to making this battle easier is clearing out all the enemies surrounding the beacons and capturing them. While you’re doing this, as long as you don’t approach Lilith, she won’t attack you. Getting these beacons will make it easier for you to heal up during the fight. Lilith will appear on a stretch of road, and it’s here where I recommend fighting her. She’ll be accompanied by a single mobile suit that, if you destroy, will be replaced every 30 seconds or so. So you can either remove it from the equation or ignore it.

When you engage Lilith, you’ll want to keep your distance as much as possible as she has a better mobile suit than you. If you get close, be sure to utilize your tackle ability and pray that you end up parrying and tossing her for more damage. When you hit a successful tackle, be quick to switch to your sword to get in extra damage, then back out again.

Be sure to utilize your and your team’s abilities when the meters are full, as they will provide you with extra speed and damage mitigation. 

Eventually, this will be enough to take Lilith down. You’ve defeated her, but you’ll see her again.

Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation Code Fairy Guide Lilith Boss Fights

The second encounter with Lilith.

You’ll come across Lilith in the fifth mission called Dunes and Deliverance. While the tactics for fighting Lilith are the same, this time, she’s not only upset for losing her first fight with you but will have an even better mobile suit and one that your team confuses for the RX-78 Gundam. Not only does Lilith possess increased speed and damage, but she will also perform her pilot skill when she’s almost defeated. You also only have one beacon that you can use to heal up.

Before you sortie for the mission, change out your pilot’s skill if you earned the new ones by now. Change  Alma Stirner’s from Fairy Step to Guard Shift and Helena Hegal’s from Oberon Arts to One-Eyed Jaeger. Doing this will give you %50 damage mitigation, reduce damage animation, and prevent you from falling to the ground while giving Helena +10 ranged damage and ability cooldown by %50.

However, this fight is much easier as you can now command your teammate. When Lilith arrives, target her with the “O” button, and your teammate will snipe her for the entire encounter. Just keep her in the field of view for your sniper, dodge to the left/right when she lunges at you if Lilith gets in too close, and attempt to tackle her to score some extra damage. Just keep in mind that she does far more damage did she did before, so keeping your distance is the best option.

Move to the section of the map between the beacon and the mounting, and circle it. This makes it harder for Lilith to track you down. You can also climb up the mounting and take shots at Lilith, which can glitch out her AI. Once she’s nearly dead, she’ll perform her pilot ability. Just keep your distance and dodge. Doing this will make short work of her. Then sit back and watch the credits roll.

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Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation Code Fairy Guide is available for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.