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Metroid Dread Is Having “Best Start Ever” For The Franchise

A game is only as “good” as its sales are in certain ways. And a lot of people were curious about how Metroid Dread was going to do in its sales overs its initial lifespan. After all, a full-on new 2D Metroid game hasn’t come out since Fusion in many respects (not counting Samus Returns of course as that was a remake with some new elements). And EVERYONE is wanting to hear more about Metroid Prime 4 of course. So Dread’s sales were going to be very interesting indeed.

Thankfully, the news is good. Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser confirmed to The Verge that Metroid Dread is having its “best ever” initial release for the franchise. Just in the US alone, the game has sold 854,000 units. And that’s just the US numbers. When you combine that with the big launch it apparently had in the UK, and the solid launch it had in Japan, that all but confirms that Dread has crossed the 1 million units sold mark.

What this could mean is that we might get more 2D titles from the franchise via MercurySteam. So fingers crossed, stay tuned, and check out our Metroid Dread review if you haven’t already!