Metroid Dread Review

Metroid Director/Producer Would Love Metroid Movie

Metroid has always been a curious franchise in the Nintendo library. It was one of the first major franchises tracing all the way back to the NES. It has some of the most recognized and beloved games ever via Super and the Prime Trilogy (among others of course), and Samus Aran has been a part of Super Smash Bros since Day 1. But, at times, you have to wonder how much Nintendo cares about the franchise given missteps like Other M, Federation Force, and the huge gap between those titles and ones like Dread and the upcoming Prime 4.

Fans REALLY love the Metroid series, and are always looking for more content for it. So could one of those things be a movie? Given that Mario is getting one, and Donkey Kong is rumored to be getting one, why not? Well, longtime Director/Producer of the series, Yoshio Sakamoto was asked by CNET about it and here’s what he said:

“So that is something very interesting. Personally, I hope that it does become a reality someday.”

There have been attempts at this via fan productions, but Nintendo has often shut them down. We here at the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast have talked about an anime featuring Samus Aran and that seems to have a lot of potential given the success of the Castlevania anime. But as in all things…it’s up to Nintendo to determine what they do next. In the meantime, be sure to read our review of Metroid Dread!