Funimation Announces English Dub for Heaven Official’s Blessing

Funimation announced today that they are going to be offering an English dub for Heaven Official’s Blessing! This is a milestone for the company as it is going to be the first-even Donghua (Chinese Animated) series to receive an English dub in their company’s history.

The first two episodes of the series will be landing on Funimation tomorrow, Friday, November 12! 

In addition, Funimation has announced the full cast for the show which you can check out below:

Xie Lian Howard Wang
Hua Cheng James Cheek
Nan Feng Phil Song
Fu Yao Lucien Dodge
Ling Wen Wendee Lee
Xiao Pengtou Ricco Fajardo
Xiao Ying Apphia Yu
ADR Director Jerry Jewell
Lead ADR Engineer Domonique French
ADR Scriptwriter Clint Bickham
ADR Prep Michelle Rojas
Mix Engineer Gino Palencia

Funimation has a sneak peek of the English dub which you can check out below!

Source: Funimation