Fandom Removing Wikis That Contain Lewdness

After Fandom was purchased by TPG Capital back in February, users of the site knew that changes might be coming. Much to everyone’s chagrin, it appears that Fandom is beginning to remove lewd content from its platform.

This was noticed when the Monster Girl Encyclopedia Wiki posted a message about what happened to their page. You can view that message below:

Fandom hosts wikis for many popular geek culture items such as video games, anime, manga, and everything else in between. This is continuing a trend where popular platforms on the internet have begun to remove adult content from their services. Only Fans tried it recently only to be met with severe backlash. While we’re certain that backlash probably won’t prevail here, it’s sad that pages dedicated to certain cultured content will soon no longer to be seen on the Fandom platform.

Source: Twitter