Epic Games acquires Harmonix

Epic Games has acquired Rock Band developer Harmonix

It seems like Epic Games is always in the headlines for one reason or another, however, today the company is front and center as they have acquired the Rock Band,  Guitar Hero and Fuser developer, Harmonix. 

As for why Epic Games choose Harmonix, as its newest acquisition, the company has stated that Harmonix is the perfect fix and would allow Epic Games to create interactive music experiences within the massive and popular title, Fortnite. I’d imagine that the Travis Scott concert was just the tip of the iceberg and now Epic Games is looking to host perhaps more music events, as well as create its own musical experiences and what better way than the developer who brought the world some of the greatest musical games over the past decades.

Of course, now that Epic Games owns Harmonix, there is a hint of uncertainty regarding games such as Rock Band and Fuser. Harmonix has assured us that nothing will change regarding these games and DLC for Rock Band will continue, and Fuser events will continue to happen. They even mentioned that Fuser will remain on Steam — which is questionable as Epic Games has pulled games that were previously on Steam, and forced games to purchase those games on the Epic Game Store.

It’s an interesting acquisition to say the least, but if Epic Games has shown us anything, it’s that they have a knack of turning just about anything into money. As for these musical creations in Fortnite, it just might be what the company needs to pull those who’ve been reluctant to play the game, into the game. Imagine A Fortnite event that doesn’t require you to play the game, but to just tune in and enjoy the show.

I’m banking that this is what Epic Games is going for.