Black Adam Movie, DC Comics

Dwayne Johnson Not “Satisfied” With Black Adam Just Yet

There are a LOT of big comic book movies coming out in 2022 from both sides of the “fence”, and there are plenty to get fans excited. But one of the most intriguing by far is that of Black Adam, with Dwayne Johnson (aka THE ROCK!!!!) being the titular character. At DC Fandome, we got to see the first footage from the film, and it looks intense.

But, that doesn’t mean that all are satisfied. And key among them is that of Dwayne Johnson himself. Who said that the current cut he’s viewed is good…it can be better.

“I think we’re in a really good place,” Johnson explained. “I think now’s the time where… we take our time, yet there has to be some expediency to it because we do have to have the movie ready by next summer. I think Jaume delivered a great first cut. And, you know, Black Adam is the kind of movie that, from [the] beginning, it had the makings and the bones to be something unique. It all started I think with the ambition, but then it all started with our director, Jaume Collet-Serra, and I think that he is an ambitious director. He, again, comes from that cadre of very talented Spanish filmmakers who want to get in and want to disrupt industry and disrupt craft, and he does it I think in such a great way. I also like that… At this point of the cut, there is a clear and defining anchor to Black Adam’s code, and I think that’s really important as we look to build out the character, as we look to build out the franchise, as we also look to build out the JSA and introduce them and launch them properly as well. I am happy, yet not satisfied, and we will continue to put the work in. And the teaser that we showed about three weeks ago, it was a good indicator of what’s to come.”

So yeah, we’ll see what happens when the movie releases next July!