Azuki Announces Black Friday Sale and More at Anime NYC

Azuki held their panel at Anime NYC and the digital manga cafe announced a promotional deal, a Black Friday sale, as well as updates, a feature roadmap, and new titles coming to their service! Outerhaven’s own Matthew Paul was on the floor of Anime NYC and passed along the details from Azuki’s panel.

Azuki stated that with most series, readers can experience up to three free chapters. In addition, if you haven’t subscribed yet, they have a 50% special going for Black Friday. Normally, their subscription service runs $59.88 per year; however, between Friday 11/26 and Monday 11/29, if you sign up, you can get in for just $29.99!

As for the updates, Azuki announced that they have done the following:

  • Larger images for their web reader
  • Surfacing release schedule and credits on Web
  • In-app payments on iOS and Android
  • The launch of their Discord server

There are still more updates on the way. They detailed what is to come in the future which includes:

  • More account & payment controls
  • Reader enhancements
  • Genres, Filters, and Sorting
  • Push Notifications

Lastly, they announced some new & backlogged titles from SOZO Comics coming to their service! You can expect the following to be added:

  • Enchanted Racer
  • Fade-Away Bunny
  • ZAN
  • Marin
  • Shin Henkei Shoujo
  • Prince of Lan Ling
  • The Warrior Demigods: Champions of Sparta
  • The Most Tsundere Boss in History
  • Gaudy Girls

Azuki is an independent company with a small team not owned by any manga publishers. They consider themselves employee-owned where they have and deserve a say in their workplace. They are all about supporting creators by stating that all subscription fees go back to the publishers and the creators!