Ismahawk, Batman Wayne Family Adventures

Webtoon Teams With Ismahawk To Make Live-Action Batman Wayne Family Adventures

Batman Wayne Family Adventures came out of nowhere if you will when it was announced that DC Comics and Webtoon would team up to make a special Batman comic on the beloved platform. It was a hit in literally no time flat as the “slice of life” storytelling featuring the entire Bat-family drew in fans from all over. DC Comics and Webtoon seem to realize that and so they’ve given the greenlight to Ismahawk to go and do a live-action version of the adventures.

Who is Ismahawk? They’re a production group based out of Las Vegas and they’re known for delivering all sorts of epic shorts and series with a focus on action. You might remember they did a webseries based on Nightwing that got a lot of buzz. They also did not one but TWO live-action Death Battles that were absolutely incredible (and yes, one of them featured Nightwing.)

The point is, if anyone is qualified to do a live-action Batman Wayne Family Adventures, it’s the people at this company. A full trailer is going to be released on the 11th, but the actor behind this version of Nightwing posted a full cast list and it has some very interesting names on it:

And naturally, they realized a teaser trailer for the show, check it out below: