Upcoming Horror Game ‘Choo-Choo Charles’ Has You Fight an Evil Spider Train

All aboard for the creepiest train ride since Final Fantasy VI’s ghost train! Indie developer Two Star Games recently took to Twitter to announce its upcoming train-based horror game. In Choo-Choo Charles, players will explore an island on their own train, while fighting off another train that has murderous intentions. Oh, and said evil train also moves around on eight spider legs, because why not?

Likely inspired by the Thomas the Tank Engine mods for Resident Evil games, Choo-Choo Charles will feature Charles (the franken-engine) pursuing you relentlessly as you gather “scraps” to upgrade your own train. Starting off in a presumably-not-evil yellow train, you can modify it with armor, weapons, and other tools in your fight against Charles. By helping out locals and continuing to upgrade your own train, you can aspire to become powerful enough to show Charles the “end of the line,” so to speak.

Two Star Games gets straight to the point in describing the title on Steam: 

Navigate an island in an old train, upgrade it over time, and use it to fight an evil spider train named Charles, who terrorizes your home. Charles is hungry; don’t be his next meal.

As a big fan of trains in games, I look forward to the upcoming train-on-train battle with Charles. The game will arrive on PC in Quarter 1 of 2022. Until then, you can add Choo-Choo Charles to your Wishlist on Steam in anticipation of its arrival next year on track fear.