The NexiGO Nintendo Switch Controller Review

Ever since Nintendo’s bite-sized portable companion hit the scene, we’ve seen a number of companies release various controllers, ranging from Joy-Con imitations to some of the best gaming controllers we’ve ever seen. Now we’re going hands-on with the NexiGO Nintendo Switch controller. The Switch controller offers gamers the ability to dock their Switch into a cradle that provides dual motor vibration support and 6-axis gyro support for a more comfortable on-the-go gaming experience. But is it worth scooping up for your Switch, or should you stick to using your Joy-Cons?

What I Liked:
The first thing you’re going to notice is how comfortable the controller feels in your hands. Its ergonomic design really makes a difference in your handheld gaming. Another feature I quickly noticed was the vibration function. I own a pair of Hori’s Split Pad Pro controllers, which don’t have any vibration functions at all.


Finally, while I didn’t put the controller in any immediate danger, it does feel sturdy. The Switch slides down into the controller and fits in quite snugly. I didn’t feel any worries while my Switch was tucked into the cradle at all. The right joystick is interchangeable and comes with three different sticks. The joysticks will also lock into the controller for some added security if you click the stick-in. It’s a nice feature because I also own a custom PS4 controller, and the sticks are often knocked out of place.

What I Didn’t Like:
My first complaint is that the controller is not compatible with the OLED model. Thankfully, I still have my other Switch model and a copy of Skyward Sword to make this review possible. The controller is also a tad bulky as it’s just one large piece that doesn’t fold or break down. It’s easy to store, but the Razer Kishi has convinced me other controllers can do better in terms of storage.

Some of the buttons feel a bit stiff as well, specifically the D-Pad. Another thing I took note of was the interchangeable joysticks. You can’t swap out the left stick, but it’s textured to provide a better grip. None of the right sticks provided with the controller provide any grip support. My thumb would frequently slip off the joystick during gaming sessions. I also experienced a minor connectivity issue that confused my Switch a bit. Simply taking my Switch out and then replacing it fixed the problem, but it had to be noted.

Should You Buy It:
For what it is worth, I really like the Nexigo Switch Controller. Despite its bulky size, it’s a lightweight attachment that feels great in your hands. My Split Pad Pro controllers don’t feel quite as sturdy in comparison and lack vibration functions, unlike the NexiGo. NexiGo’s controller was what I wanted when I tried to find a new controller for Monster Hunter Rise. My biggest complaint though is that it isn’t compatible with the OLED model. Otherwise, I do recommend this controller, especially if you do a lot of handheld gaming.

Review Disclosure Statement: The NexiGO Nintendo Switch Controller was provided to us by NexiGO for review purposes. For more information on how we conduct and handle reviews here, please visit our Review Guideline/Scoring Policy for more info. Thank you.

NexiGo Nintendo Switch Controller

NexiGO Nintendo Switch Controller

Despite it’s very minor issues, the NexiGO Nintendo Switch controller is a comfortable attachment that really does elevate your handheld gaming experience. It’s just unfortunate that the controller isn’t compatible with the OLED model at the moment.


  • Feels very sturdy.
  • Strong vibration functions.
  • Ergonomic design feels wonderful.
  • Adjustable Joysticks.


  • Not compatible with the OLED model.
  • No grips on joysticks.
  • Bulkier in size.
  • Experienced some connectivity issues.
  • NexiGo Nintendo Switch Controller