Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Kingdom Hearts, Sora

Sora Is Finally In Super Smash Bros Ultimate!

It feels like an eternity since Sora was announced for Super Smash Bros Ultimate (when in fact it’s only been two weeks), but finally, after a LONG time of hoping, waiting, and dreaming, Sora has finally arrived in Smash Bros.

And of course, Masahiro Sakurai himself was more than willing to showcase this with a very special tweet:

If you haven’t already (and we know many of you have), you can get the Sora DLC singularly (meaning you only buy Sora), or, you can get the entire Fighter Pack 2 and get all the other DLC characters from this batch. It’s entirely your choice.

And of course, getting the DLC will also get you access to new spirit board characters from the Kingdom Hearts franchise.