Nintendo's online service for the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Gets Dated and Priced

At the most recent Nintendo Direct, the Big N revealed that there would be a slew of new games coming to their online service from both the N64 and Sega Genesis eras. At first, everyone was really happy about this, until it was revealed that the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack as it was called would be something you have to pay extra for. And now, we know exactly how much.

To be clear, the standard Nintendo Switch Online cost for a single person (not the family bundle) is only about $20. Which everyone agreed was fair for a year’s subscription and access to free games from the NES and SNES eras. But with the Expansion Pack…it’s now $50 for a single person per year, and the family pack is $80!

They revealed all of this in a new trailer that you can watch below: