Manga Review: Spy x Family Vol. 6

Title: Spy x Family Vol. 6
Author: Tatsuya Endo
Publisher: Viz Media
Language: English
Format: Physical
Pages: 200
Genre: Action, Comedy, Shonen
Publication Date: October 5, 2021

The Story

The sixth volume of Spy x Family can really be described in two parts. The first is that Nightfall and Twilight have a mission where they are to infiltrate the mansion of millionaire Cavi Campbell because he has a painting in his possession that was last owned by Colonel Erik Zacharis. Supposedly, the painting has some sort of code that leads to the Zacharis Dossier which contains information that might respark the war between the East and the West.; however, Campbell’s mansion has extremely tight security so there is only one way in…. to pose as a married couple who are also tennis pros and win the private tournament where they can select any of Campbell’s treasures from his collection as the reward!

Of course, their skills take them through a tournament where anything goes… even cheating. While the tournament was detrimental to the plot, the real story here was Nightfall just enjoying herself as Twilight’s wife since she is head over heels in love with him. Her inner thoughts were absolutely hilarious! This even spills over after the mission when she challenges Yor to a tennis match in order to prove that she’s a more fitting person to serve as Twilight’s wife than her!

The second half of the volume turns our attention back to Damian Desmond… aka Sy-on boy. Anya knows she’s failing as an “umperial skolar” so she feels that the only way she could be of any help to Twilight’s mission is to try and become super friendly with Damian. Just like everything else she tries to do, it backfires and Damian thinks she’s just a stalker.

Damian, on the other hand, wants to meet his father and asks his brother to deliver a message to him. The school is having a meeting between imperial scholars, important V.I.P.s, and other noteworthy people so Twilight sees this as an opportunity to sneak in and confront Donovan Desmond in person. The volume ends with Twilight finding a way to do just that!


The biggest focus of this volume was put on Nightfall. Her level of feelings for Twilight is simply off the charts. She soaked up every single moment the two of them spent together posing as a married couple in the tennis tournament and she is still as determined as ever to unseat Yor as Twilight’s pretend wife.

Yor even picked up on this and got the wrong impression that Loid wanted to replace her. She ended up getting super drunk where she accidentally spilled the beans about possibly developing real feelings for him but that got shut down pretty quickly. It was a nice tease that furthers the eventual relationship that these two will end up in. It’s because of moments like this that I can predict that when this mission is over, Twilight will retire and end up with Yor permanently… or she becomes a spy! Who knows?

Damian didn’t really get any obvious development but there were hints there that he acts out because he’s not really afforded much attention from home. When he called his brother, he didn’t seem all that interested to talk to Damian and was trying to rush him off the phone. Damian even acknowledges that his father is really busy and doesn’t really have much time for him. That would explain a lot of Damian’s personality!

Final Thoughts

Another great volume! I loved the swerve in there during the first half when it came to the painting. Of course, something like that would happen in a series such as this! Nightfall really established herself as a mainstay character so I’m interested in seeing more of her in the future… and from the way things happening in this volume, I’m sure she’s not done by a long shot.

You felt a little bad for Damian in this volume. You got to understand him just a little bit more but it still doesn’t take away the fact that he’s still a brat through and through. Anya; however, didn’t get as much “screen time” in this volume but when she did, just as she always does, she stole the show. Everything from her facial expressions to her attempts to help Twilight is absolutely hilarious. Plus, it’s nice that she’s finally making a friend!

The developing rivalry between Nightfall and Yor is going to be entertaining as well. As I said, these two aren’t done by a long shot! All of this made for a great volume and while the main plot seemed stagnant, the ending seems to be moving it forward in a rather huge way!

P.S. Donovan Desmond looks like he’s on crack. Just saying.

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