Arcade 1UP’s Terminator 2 Arcade Machine going up for preorder in November

Arcade 1UP has been on a roll as of late by announcing and releasing some pretty damned fun arcade machines. Now, they’ve revealed yet another arcade favorite or at least one of my favorites; Terminator 2: Arcade Machine or its official name, Terminator 2: Judgment Day (just like the movie).  

The Terminator 2 arcade machine will be available for pre-order on November 1st, 2021, on the Arcade 1UP website and various retailers.  I haven’t seen a price announced yet, but if we’re going off the recent releases from the company, assume this will be at least $699. If not more.

Now, it’s not the first time we’ve seen this cabinet, as it was leaked and then officially shown by Arcade 1UP back during 2020. 

Midway initially developed it (remember that company?) to coincide with the release of the Terminator 2 movie back in 1991. Thirty years later, Arcade 1Up is bringing the arcade classic to our homes. This game was always crowded when it was first released, to the point where my local arcade ended up picking up a few more – I’m sure it was worth the investment for them.

This replica of the original arcade machine is faithful, right down to the left and right light guns, and the marquee. Sure, it’s a bit smaller, but the experience will still be there. The only disappointment I have with this cabinet is that the display is way too small for this sort of game. It needs to be bigger. Sadly, Arcade 1UP’s cabinets are all the same size so that we won’t get a larger or a widescreen display. Still, one can dream, right?

This arcade game won’t just include the game, but will also feature some behind-the-scenes footage on how the Terminator 2 game was created. If you’ve ever watched films or videos like this stuff on YouTube, as I have, this is going to be exciting. Each gun includes gun vibrations and sound effects (just like the arcade machine), and the cabinet will be keeping score on who’s doing the best via an online leaderboard thanks to the wifi connection.

Now, if we could only get an Aerosmith revolution X or an Operation Wolf retro cabinet next.