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Anime & Manga Rapid Pulse for the Week of 10/2/21

Welcome to the Anime & Manga Rapid Pulse for the week of October 2, 2021! This is a roundup of anime news stories that take care of themselves by the headlines alone. Not all news stories need paragraphs upon paragraphs to get the point across, but sometimes they are too important to be ignored. The Anime & Manga Rapid Pulse solves this by just rapid firing those news stories to you in one convenient post!

  • Batman Ninja comes to Toonami on October 16
  • Not Just a Cutie set to premiere in April 2022
  • Neko Jockey Season 2 set to premiere on November
  • The Exo-Drive Reincarnation Games: All_Japan Isekai Battle Tournament! manga had ended
  • Restaurant to Another World: New Edition manga has been added to Crunchyroll
  • Bakuen manga set to end this month
  • Lunatic Circus manga has gone on hiatus
  • Kanawa no Kage Rui manga ends with 15th chapter
  • Love at Fourteen manga set to end on October 29
  • KanColle Onegai! Chinjubu Meyasubaku manga set to end this month
  • Jagaan manga set to end in 5 chapters
  • Karneval manga set to end this month
  • Otonanajimi manga set to end on October 28
  • Spirited Away: 20th Anniversary Edition will launch on October 11
  • Oh My Goddess! Job-Hunting manga set to end this month
  • Tsumugu to Koi ni Naru Futari manga set to launch on October 22
  • Cells at Work Baby manga set to end in 2 chapters
  • Tokyo Revengers manga how has over 40 million copies in circulation

That’s going to wrap things up for this week. News headlines were compiled from Anime News Network and Crunchyroll