AMD Ryzen users should delay upgrading to Windows 11 due to performance issues

While Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 11, is nice and shiny, if you’ve got an AMD Ryzen processor in your PC, you may want to hold off on installing it. According to several sources, there’s a major issue with Windows 11 that causes any Ryzen processor to not run at its full capability.  Thanks to Windows 11 first post-update, you may notice anywhere from a 10-15% decrease in performance. And if you’re a gamer, you’ll want every ounce of power you can get.

Why is this happening? According to Microsoft and AMD, the Ryzen processor’s L3 Cache latency is being affected. AMD has identified the cause, and Microsoft has developed an update to correct the issue. However, there’s a slight problem with this, as the patch that will fix the issues for us consumers won’t be released until the end of October.

Which is plenty of reason why you should hold off on upgrading to Windows 11. Honestly, I’d wait even after this update gets released. We’ve seen time and time again that a supposed patch is being released to fix an issue either doesn’t work or it ends up making something else worse.

Again, this can cause up to 10-15% performance loss and explain why many PC gaming outlets have noticed that games that ran just fine on Windows 10 are running worse with Windows 11. PC gamers will see this in games that are quite demanding. 

That’s not to say that this is the first time that Microsoft and AMD have encountered issues regarding Windows before. Just a few years again, Ryzen processors had experienced a similar problem thanks to the Windows 10 scheduler. This bug incorrectly identified the number of threads on Ryzen processors and the amount of cache available on the processors. This negatively affected Ryzen processors and forced users to use workarounds until AMD and Microsoft could address the issue.

While I’ve been testing Windows 11 for quite some time, even before it was made public, I’ve reverted all my Windows 11 PCs to Windows 10. It’s stable, updates are still being released, and until Microsoft can assure me that all the issues with its latest OS have been addressed. I’ll be sticking with Windows 1o for the foreseeable future. Perhaps you should as well.