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Twitch has released a new tool that will help curve hate speech raids

If you’re a POC or LGBTQ+ Twitch streamer, then I don’t have to explain the horrible nonsense that has been the rampant hate speech that has been directed towards you and others of your nature. For months, streamers have been asked Twitch to figure out a way to help stop this abusive behavior, and the streaming giant thinks they’ve figured it out after all these months.

Today, Twitch has revealed its new tool to help combat hate speech. This new tool will require anyone who wishes to chat to have a verified phone number and a verified email address if desired by the streamer.

Enabling either email or phone verification also has a time requirement that can be put into place. You can also opt to disable this tool for subscribers, VIPs, or Moderators.

That said, Twitch’s explanation doesn’t do quite the job of breaking everything down. It means the following:

  • If you only enable email verification, then the chatter will need a verified email address.
  • If you enable phone verification, then the chatter will need a verified email address.
  • Suppose you enable both email and phone number verification. In that case, both will be required for anyone who whiches to chat on your channel. 

There is not an And/Or option, thus adding an extra layer of protection for anyone who doesn’t wish to be harassed while doing something they enjoy. 

I hope this helps stop the nonsense on Twitch, which is honestly the main reason I stopped streaming on Twitch several years ago. With these new tools in place, I may give it a go again. 

Here’s to hoping this helps make Twitch a less toxic environment for everyone.

Source: Twitch