SCUF instinct Xbox Series XS controller

SCUF spills the beans on an upcoming SCUF PS5 controller

SCUF is no stranger when it comes to customized gaming controllers, and now the company has announced they are working on a PS5 controller. I’m sure this comes as a sigh of release to those who have been loyal customers to SCUF for many years.

Earlier today, SCUF took to Twitter to state, “The PS5 SCUF is coming! We’re making sure we get it right for our PS5 gamer family.”

As for when this new SCUF PS5 controller will be released, we’ll have to wait for the official reveal.

It looks like HexGaming won’t be the only game in town for customized PS5 controllers. Speaking on HexGaming, check out our review of the HexGaming Rival PS5 controller.

SCUF is known for making some of the best customized Xbox and PlayStation 4 controllers. We knew they were working on something, but the company had been hush on the project and wanted to remain quiet until it was ready. With this tweet, it looks like they’re almost ready to talk about this new SCUF PS5 controller.

It wasn’t that long ago that SCUF released its newest controllers for the Xbox Series X|S,  the SCUF Instinct, and Instinct Pro. I wonder what the new PS5 controller is going to be called.

Obviously, we know nothing about this new controller, so we’ll have to wait until SCUF releases more info. Still, it’s good to know whatever they’re working on, it will be revealed soon.