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New Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Expansion heading to Switch and releasing on PC

Just a few moments ago, Nintendo hosted its 2021 Nintendo Direct, and right out of the gate, they showed off a new expansion headed to Monster Hunter Rise. Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak (that’s a title, isn’t it?) is heading to the Switch sometime in 2022. Oh, it’s also heading to the PC, so if you were wondering why we haven’t heard anything about the PC port like I was, there you go.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will be a paid expansion for the Switch, and it is massive. No, I’m not kidding you. According to Capcom, this expansion will include an all-new storyline, even more monsters, new locations, more quest ranks, gameplay elements, and a few other things that they aren’t ready to tell us about yet.

There’s no release date, given that Capcom is still hard in development with the game. They did mention that Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will be released simultaneously for the Switch and PC. 

Being a massive (pun intended) fan of the Monster Hunter series, I’m looking forward to this next series expansion. And Honestly, while I enjoy my Switch, I can’t wait to play Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak on my PC. I had stopped playing Rise on my Switch months ago due to the leaks and was waiting for this moment. Though, I can only hope that there will be either cross-play or cross-save between the two platforms. Please, Capcom, give us this!

Speaking Monster Hunter Rise, why not give our review a look if you haven’t checked out the game yet. It’s easily better than Monster Hunter Rise, and damn, don’t I wish some of the improvements were in the original game.