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Hellena Taylor Has Fans Worried That She May Not Be Returning to Voice Bayonetta in the Upcoming Third Installment

A recent exchange on Twitter has led fans to believe that Hellena Taylor, the actress behind the iconic voice of Bayonetta, may not be returning to the role for the third installment. The brief conversation that Taylor had with a fan has caused quite a stir since everyone had expected her to be a done-deal to return.

The voice actress kept it brief but when she responded with “Well you might have to” to a fan stating they couldn’t imagine the character without her signature voice, it opened the floodgates. There isn’t a whole lot to be gleaned from her statement but it’s enough to make fans worried that everyone’s favorite Umbra Witch might have a different voice for Bayonetta 3. When pressed further about the tweet she simply said that she is “not at liberty to say.” 

My personal hope is that she is simply playing coy and is in fact returning. It would at least be in line with PlatinumGames‘ current pattern of being mostly silent about anything happening with Bayonetta 3. She could very well be waiting for the green light to talk about it in the same way that game designer Hideki Kamiya is. It goes without saying that the long-gestating third installment will not feel the same without her. Fingers crossed that when we get more concrete details on the game finally that her inclusion will be one of them.