Funimation Announces Sonny Boy English Dub

Funimation announced that the English dub for Sonny Boy is set to begin streaming on their service on September 16!

MyAnimeList describes Sonny Boy as follows:

Thirty-six students find themselves and their school building suddenly adrift in a void-like dimension. When supernatural powers awaken in some of them, a sense of detachment begins to divide the group. Despite the student council’s attempts to impose order, they clash with the students possessing special abilities, who rebel against their strict control.

This conflict leads them to discover that this world has its own set of rules—and following them is necessary for survival. After one of the students decides to take a leap of faith, the school switches dimensions once again. While they deal with the unique challenges and circumstances that each world presents, the students must unravel the mysterious phenomenon and find a way back home.

The English cast of the series includes the following:

Nagara Derick Snow
Mizuho Tia Ballard
Asakaze Daman Mills
Nozomi Luci Christian
Hoshi Ry McKeand
Rajdhani Siddhartha Minhas
Cap Patrick Seitz
Hayato David Matranga
Machi Lauren Landa
ADR Director Alexis Tipton
ADR Engineer Olivia Harris
ADR Scriptwriter Tyler Walker
ADR Mix Gino Palencia

You can check out the promotional video below:

Source: Funimation