Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Final Super Smash Bros Ultimate Character Getting Announced In October

The new Nintendo Direct dropped today and a LOT was announced, but for most fans, they wanted to know what the final Super Smash Bros Ultimate character was. Sadly, we didn’t get that, but, what we did get was the date for WHEN it’ll be revealed. And not surprisingly, it’ll happen during the final Mr. Sakurai Presents video.

As Super Smash Bros Ultimate fans know, Mr. Sakurai Presents is when Masahiro Sakurai himself goes and breaks down every move of the new character, as well as gives some history into what the character is, their time in gaming, his connection t them, and more. Nintendo has given Mr. Sakurai plenty of time to do this, and so it’s almost fitting that the final character reveal would happen on his show. Not unlike the first reveal from Fighter Pass 2 with Min Min.

The FINAL character reveal will happen on October 5th at 10 AM EST/9 AM CST.