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Deathloop Guide: Eliminating Wenjie & Harriet

So, you’ve found yourself in a time loop. It’s okay; it happens to the best of us sometimes. You’re looking for help in defeating the visionaries that are keeping the loop stable so that you can murder them in increasingly imaginative and disturbing ways. Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to run you through how to defeat each visionary in a series of articles before explaining to you how to kill every single visionary in one day.

Now, I’m beginning this guide, assuming you’re still in the middle of the tutorial. All the steps here actually still work even if you’ve finished the tutorial unless stated otherwise. Still, it’s worth remembering this just in case you can’t figure out a specific section. You also need to remember that the world of Deathloop shifts throughout the day so that particular targets won’t be in the same place all the time. Make sure you plan out what you want to do before you do it because simply winging it won’t be enough here.


Afternoon: The Complex (Wenjie Evans)

First off, leave your tunnels. You’re not going to achieve anything just staying there, so make your way towards your waypoint, dispatching of any eternalists along your way. You’re still technically in the tutorial, so if you mess up, don’t worry, it’s to be expected at this stage in the game. Most of the time eternalists won’t really cause you too many issues since they’re in patterns, but Julianna could pop in at any point to mess you up, so stay as aware as humanly possible.

Once you kill one of the Wenjie’s, you’re going to find out that this isn’t quite as simple as it seems. Wenjie has different versions of herself dotted around the map in an attempt to make it more efficient for her work, but this sadly gives you even more work. Run around the complex and kill each and every Wenjie, but be VERY careful. The Wenjie’s will depressurise the entire area if they get the chance and it’ll start to kill you. Once they’re all dead, you can do what you came here to do.

There’s a portable harvester at the bottom of the main lab, grab it and absorb the energy of Wenjie. Now activate the experiment and give yourself the ability to keep weapons and slates between loops! This step here can be disregarded if you’ve finished the tutorial and are simply revisiting here to kill Wenjie again.

Now leave the area and get prepared to take on another target.


Morning: Karl’s Bay (Harriet Morse)

Harriet is a difficult beast. She’s in an area covered in eternalists, and by this stage, it’s unlikely you have a silenced weapon other than your nail gun. It’s up to you whether you go in loud or go in quietly, but regardless of your choice, you should be constantly aware of your surroundings. It’s easy to get swarmed by enemies, so make sure you’re keeping a 360-degree circle of awareness.

Anyway, you have to make your way to Hangar 2 to cross Harriet off your list. There are a few turrets on your way, so use your hacking device to either deactivate them or turn them against the eternalists around you. Once you get to Hangar 2, try and take everybody down quietly since your options for offense are quite limited. Continue this until you reach a bridge at the top of Hangar 2 that attaches the Hangar to the place where Harriet holds her sermons and other cult rituals.

Here there are a lot more eternalists, and it’s a lot more difficult to get through without creating noise, so your best bet is to move and fire as quick as possible so that it’s impossible for anybody to react. If you’re lucky, Harriet won’t notice, and you’re able to get to her rather easily, otherwise you’re going to want to stay behind cover as much as possible. She has a gun that fires poisoned bullets at you, and they hurt a lot, so it’s best to stay out of open spaces. If you’re good at aiming, just take a shot through her office window at her and then go over to her office, deactivating the laser mines on the way to grab the slab off her body. If not, just throw a grenade over there and wait, then go over and deactivate the mines. Well done! You’ve now got not only her weapon, but the Nexus slab which will make your life a lot easy. The Nexus slab allows you to link enemies together to cause a chain reaction and kill multiple enemies in one shot, kick or stab.


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