Goku Black vs Reverse-Flash Death Battle

Death Battle Brings Time-Travel War With Goku Black Vs Reverse-Flash

From the onset of Season 8, Death Battle has made it clear that every matchup was going to be an either incredibly epic matchup, or would be one that was highly-requested by fans. This brings us to their newest clash, one they said fans have asked for over the last few years, Goku Black Vs Reverse-Flash.

This is a battle of “mirror versions” in how these two men are the opposites (or reverse…) of two grand heroes in Goku and The Flash. But their willingness to go to extremes with their powers make them true monsters. But only one monster can win this matchup. So check out the Death Battle of Goku Black Vs Reverse-Flash below, and be sure to stay tuned for a teaser for the 150 episode of the series that’ll make you go…OOOOOOHHHH YEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!