Marvel What If_C-15_Hydra-Stomper-01

I’m in love with the C-15 Hydra Stomper from Marvel’s “What If…?”

We finally got a chance to watch Marvel’s latest project and one that harkens back to a prior comic book series, “Marvel’s What If…?” In today’s first episode, we were treated to a fantastic episode of changing places, one that swamps Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America, to that of Peggy Carter, now Captain Carter. I’ve watched the episode several times now, and I’m amazed by the production value, the voice acting, and, more importantly, how the subtle changes can make a huge difference. It’s a great watch, and if you have access to Disney+, I recommend you checking it out.

However, there’s one change that really had me excited. Mainly because I’m a fan of Marvel’s Iron Man, War Machine, and various other mecha such as Gundam, Patlabor, and so forth. That change is the introduction of a suit of armor called the Hydra Stomper.

What is the Hydra Stomper?

Per this episode, Steve Rogers didn’t become Captain America due9 to an unforeseen issue which I won’t spoil. Howard Stark, the father of Tony Stark, created a suit of armor similar to the Iron Man MK1 design. When I first saw it, I admit that I geeked out, and I was well within my right to do so. I mean, this is changing history, and before Tony Stark, we never saw a weaponized suit of armor in the early Marvel movies. The most complicated weapon at the time was Captain America’s shield, and now we have the C-15 Hydra Stomper.

Yeah, baby, Marvel’s Hydra Stomper is one sexy piece of tech and I think I like it more than anything Tony Stark could come up with. Well, almost; he did give us War Machine after all.

Marvel What If_C-15_Hydra-Stomper-01

As for the Iron Man MK1 similarities, there are a few. For starters, both suits have arm-mounted flame-throwers, as well as the ability to fly. It has more firepower, is beefier, taller, and according to Howard Stark in “What If…”, it’s indestructible, and I tend to agree after several events. That said, the Hydra Stomper is a better machine as it doesn’t fall apart after a few moments and can sustain flight better than Tony Stark’s creation.

Captain Carter can even catch a ride via a handle attached to the back of the C15-Hydra Stomper. Thanks to this, we’re provided a fantastic showing of Carter versus several fighter jets while in the sky!

Marvel What If_C-15_Hydra-Stomper-02

If anything, the C-15 Hydra Stomper shows that Howard Stark is just as capable as his son, if not more. It doesn’t seem like he’s held back by the limits of his time in this series. That’s for sure.

Now, we just need every toy creator out there to make a worthwhile version of Marvel’s Hydra Stomper. Yeah, I know Hasbro has one, but I’m not impressed by it at all. It’s just a 6-inch toy, and this wonderful beefcake of tech deserves better.

Hasbro Hydra Stomper

Marvel’s What If…? episode one is available to watch on Disney+.