Doki Doki Literature Club Plus recently released for PC and consoles, and it is just as excellent and terrifying as ever before. The expanded game includes new content, as well as new hidden files located on the virtual desktop. In the original game, various hidden files arose when you played through the story. Those are still included, as well as new secrets located in the files of “Metaverse Enterprise Solutions.” 

Digging around in the desktop, you may come across a couple of hidden files that can’t be opened, as well as some that hint at these hidden files. If you go to files, then select the “internal” folder, then the “backup” folder, and then the “system” folder, you’ll find a bunch of files you can’t access. But also one that you can:


Not exactly a hidden file itself, but the Towerkeys file will outline the four hidden files that Metaverse Enterprise Solutions have placed within the desktop. It should also give you a strong hint as to how to locate the first one. 


Project Plans

Under the Gear headline of the Towerkeys file, it should say “2:40” and “2,2,1.” The first is a time, and that’s the time you have to have on clock at the lower right of the desktop to access the file. So do you have to wait around for that to arrive? You could. But you could also go to your time and date settings on your PC or console and manually set them to 2:40 (am or pm), or for right before. 

Next, go to the desktop files and open the folder labeled “internal.” Then go to folder “2,” then the following folder “2,” and then the following folder “1.” Here you’ll find the Project Plans file. Open it, and you’ll unlock the “Stonks” trophy. Stonks! 

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What About the Other Hidden Files? 

I don’t want to spoil too much fun, but as you can imagine, all the other hidden files are unlocked by setting the desktop clock to certain times. Essentially, whenever you find a combination of what looks like a time and what looks like a set of three numbers ranging from 0 to 5, you have a means of unlocking a file. Then set the clock and go through the numbered “internal” folders and voila! A new file should unlock. 


If you’d like some hints, you can check the loading screen, the other openable files on the desktop, and even the music player. 

And if you don’t want to figure out the puzzles and just want the answers, HiddenPretzl has a few listed on Steam. 

Happy “Investing!”

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