Hello folks, welcome to The Outerhaven’s Death’s Door boss guides! This is the first of several guides created to help you defeat those pesky boss characters blocking your progression. Ready? In this guide, we’ll show you how to beat the first (actual boss) you’ll encounter in the game; Guardian of the Door. He reminds me of the Alexander summon from Final Fantasy.

This first encounter is easy but can be a pain if you don’t keep your wits. So, let’s down this guy, shall we?

How to defeat the Guardian of the Door

At the start of the fight, the Guardian will wander around the room, sometimes hovering. You’ll want to run in, get in one or two hits and dodge out. Otherwise, you’ll get hit by its backhand hit. Do this a few times, and then the Guardian will move to the top of the area and will attempt to target you with a laser beam. You can see the targeting on the ground, so it’s easy to avoid, but be sure to dodge roll; walking is too slow. Before he does get the laser attack off, he takes a few seconds to charge up. Take this time to hit him a few times with your bow and arrows.


After the laser attack, the Guardian will repeat the phase. Once you do enough damage, things change up, and he’ll get a little bit faster. He’ll also toss out several bombs, which can also happen during the laser attack, so keep an eye out for that. 

After you do enough damage, you’ll defeat the Guardian of the Door! Or he’ll kill you, either or. Good Luck!



Thanks for check out our Death’s Door boss guide. Be sure to check out the other Death’s Door boss fight guides as you continue through the game.

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